EstoreBuilder Review

Estore Builder Review

EStore Builder Review

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EstoreBuilder is a popular Ecommerce website builder on the market but is it just another SCAM or can the Estore Builder software allow you to build high quality websites that help you generate more sales and commissions for your online business?

What Is EstoreBuilder?

Estore Builder is a website builder that helps you get your online business off the ground quickly and easily. You can run multiple sites from the EstoreBuilder members area by simply choosing the site you want to work on and clicking submit.

You are now able to make changes to your website, check out website analytics, hook up payment processors, and everything you need to build a profitable website compiled into one area.

What Can Be Handled From The EstoreBuilder Members Area?

  • General
  • Shipping
  • Pricing
  • Taxes
  • Terms
  • Custom fields

How Difficult Is Adding a Site and Getting Started?

The EstoreBuilder members area makes it easy to add, edit, and delete new sites within a few clicks of the mouse. Simple add the basic information, the domain name and your new website is added to Estore Builder.

Under the ‘site’ tab is where most of the magic happens as far as creating your site, selecting your website template, and adding your logo. This is the fun and creative part of building a profitable website so be sure to have some fun and keep your visitors in mind.

What would they want to see, what colors would convert better, and all the detail stuff that can boost or lower conversions and ultimately your profits.


What I Like About eStoreBuilder?

  1. CRM – Customer relationship is crucial to your online success. You want to increase sales but more importantly, gain repeat business. The ‘customer relationships managment’ tab will help you keep track of your customers so you can keep them happy and coming back for more.
  2. Analytics – Find out what is working and start doing more of it with the power of Analytics. This will skyrocket your success because you can see what makes you money and what is working to bring in traffic, leads, and sales.
  3. Reports – Just like any business you will need to analyze your reports so eStore Builder has integreated reports right into the members area, and they have made it easy to accees, print, and save your reports for later use.
  4. Marketing – One of the most powerful pieces of ESB because it offers you a way to stay connected with your customers and build a list of people who you can contact with new products, promotions, and other important information. Big corporations build their list of customers, and so should you!

How To Make Money With eStoreBuilder software?

There is step by step training on this in the members area but let me make it clear how you are going to pull in big profits online.

The first step to getting started with the software and being successful is to grab a domain name and hosting for your website. Once you have those two you will grab the EstoreBuilder software and training.

Begin building your website using the tools and training in the members area. Once you have your website setup and ready to make money you can start driving traffic to the website.  Here are my top traffic sources :

  • SEO – Get your website ranked in Google for keywords related to your products.
  • Video – Create informative videos that drive traffic your website
  • Social Media – Siphon traffic from social media hubs like Facebook and Pinterest.

This targeted traffic will convert into sales!


eStoreBuilder Bonus?

YES! Click the link to check out my eStore Builder software bonus!


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